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Reiki and Colour Therapy

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Are you ready to book your first session? Maybe an akashic record life reading, reiki or a colour and sound session? Or perhaps you or a member of your family/place of work are ready to learn in one of the workshops?  Whatever you need, please feel free to contact me for more information. You can go to the "contact us" tab and I would be happy to chat with you to help you find what you are looking for:))

About The Color of Healing

My journey began several years ago when I knew that there had to be a “better way.” You see, when things show up in your life that you do not want, it’s up tp you to change it.  You are a part of that shift. We are all co-creators and designers of our lives. The shift for me  started with receiving my first reiki healing session. At the time, I had no idea how life changing this was going to be for me. 

When you begin to put yourself first, you realize and begin to have an awareness that you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others (whether this is a family, a team or employees etc.) Suddenly what seemed impossible, or stressful at one time, is now somewhat manageable. Maybe you are surrounded with the same situations, but your perspective on them has now shifted.

 After multiple healing sessions, I decided that I had to learn how to learn how to do this for my wellbeing and my family's. Since then, I have learned reiki and other healing modalities that all go hand in hand. I offer many services such as: reiki healing, colour and sound therapy, theta healing, akashic records, signature cell healing and other complimentary healing sessions. As well, I teach a variety of workshops from children, to teens to adults.  

Family wellness workshop 5 week Mindfulness for Kids (Families) class. Try one for class for just $20! You have no obligation! Just one class so you can see for yourself how healing this family workshop is:)) I highly recommend this to any family for tips and tools to keep the peace and calm in your home. It offers many tools to assist children (and the whole family) in managing their emotions as well as builds compassion and understanding in the family as we learn to express what we are feeling in a meaningful way. 

This is offered from within the comfort of your home. 

*More information on the mindfulness tab: www.thecolorofhealing./mindfulness

How does it get better than this? Now I get to share all these amazing life changing tools with others; with you!  All you have to do is say “yes!” “Yes, I am ready to make the changes necessary to better my life and the lives of those I encounter!” So, what do you say? Let's book some time and talk!

If you are wondering where to start, send me a message and I'd be happy to guide you:)) 



Same quality workshops...but virtual!!

After teaching all of my workshops solely in person, I have transitioned to hybrid and virtual models of learning. With many restrictions in place, I offer the same teaching, same workshop quality, but you are in the comforts of your own home. For any of the workshops  that are "hybrid", it means that all the teaching is done in a live virtual setting, but the practical work is done preferably in person. (Only offered if restrictions are lifted at that time) 

Physical distancing and appropriate PPE will have to be followed in person at all times)  I am so excited to be able to offer these models.  Please contact me if you have further questions! 

*For those who still would like in person workshops, these will be considered later in 2021. 

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The Color of Healing 

  Workshops                                                                                 Dates /Times                                       

Colour Foundations: Learn about the healing that can happen with colour therapy!           April

Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 1 & 2                                                                                                May/June -will happen over 6 weeks with call backs 

                                                                                                                                              *You can take both or separately 


Mindfulness for children and families                                                                        Completed over 5 weeks (twice per week)

                                                                                                                                           Sundays and Wednesdays Starting May 2nd 2021

                                                                                                                                           Click for more information: www.thecolorofhealing/mindfulness                                                         

** Dates are subject to change due to COVID protocols. For more information, please get in contact with me.  


I do private bookings as well.  If you have a business, or a group of people who would like to learn reiki or color healing all together or just want a workshop for your family, please email me about special times and/or rates for your group! When the time comes, we will make arrangements! (depends on group size) *** This is only offered live online at this time. 


If you can host it, I can teach it! Contact me about out of town group workshops for more information. (currently available live online)


*Customized classes/workshops also available to adapt to special needs and requirements.  Please call/email for more information.  

In Gratitude, 

Vanessa @ The Color of Healing