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I would highly recommend Vanessa as a Reiki Teacher. The information and experience I gained through self-healing and helping my friends and family is invaluable as I continue my spiritual journey.

Shelby L. - Edmonton, AB

I have taken two separate workshops with Vanessa, "Reiki: Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Level 1" and " The Body of Colour: Colour Therapy Foundations Workshop". Both times she has shown professionalism, respect and friendliness to those involved. She is knowledgeable and accessible to her students. She is always willing to help to her capacity in any way she is asked.

Recently learning "Reiki: Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Level 1" through her distance module has been a pleasure during these times! I feel no information nor learning was lost and it was actually quite convenient.

I love working with Vanessa and recommend that anyone looking into learning these modalities do so with her!

- Jenna Hachey 

Jenna Hachey-Alberta

I did my Reiki course Level 1 with Vanessa in 2019, in a face-to face fashion. I was scheduled to do my Level 2 during the course of April 2020. Due to the isolation restrictions, it became impossible for both of us to proceed in person. We then agreed to do the Level 2, using a live online platform. Since Level 2 is all about distant healing, it made sense to pursue this way. I consider myself lucky to have experienced both, training and attunement, in person and also, by using the live online platform. Going through this process from the comfort of my home, not only made me more receptive to the training, it also increased my awareness of the unlimited malleability of the Reiki Energy, and set me up to truly integrate the notion of its natural capability to travel through time and space. Also, Vanessa successfully made it a vibrant, personalized experience. Using the live platform allowed for face interactions, on the spot feedbacks, and deep exchanges over the practice. The attunements were felt strongly, as they would in person. The overall experience was formative and life changing.

Laurence B. -Yellowknife

Client/Workshop Testimonials

During an acupuncture session, my practitioner told me that I have various areas of blocked energy that was creating the pain in my body. As an acupuncturist and reiki practitioner, I asked if he could also try a reiki session with me. His attempts were unsuccessful and he recommended that I look more into reiki to help with my pain. After some searching, I was referred to Vanessa. I saw Vanessa for various healing sessions (reiki, access bars and theta healing) over the course of 12 months. During this period I went from having numerous energy blocks and pain (both physical and emotional) to being pain-free, less worried, calmer, more forgiving, more compassionate, being able to move my energy to all parts of my body and even outside of my body. Vanessa also helped me release several beliefs and vows that I had taken in previous lives, that have made a direct impact to my thinking now. 

In addition to the healing she provided, Vanessa referred me to various meditations and sites that would help me. During one of these meditations, I felt a calming presence and heard a voice that said, "I am everything. I am nothing. I will fulfill your desires. I am here to help you." Later I found out that the voice was a message from my guardian angel. I have since found out that I have 7 angels guiding me, although most of my daily conversations are with my guardian angel.

Prior to seeing Vanessa, I worried constantly about money and how we would get by on two incomes. Then, this past March, I was laid off from my job and am still searching for a new one. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been on this journey regardless of my concerns. While going from two incomes to one has been challenging for our family, I still feel we are doing well. I believe we have more than enough in my family because of the calming presence from my angels. I ask my angels questions several times a week and they always provide me with an answer (whether it's through meditations or songs). My angels make me feel confident with where I am in life. For whatever reason, I am supposed to be taking this path, even though I can't tell you why (If I do find out why, I'll be sure to send an update).

My current experiences would have been worry-filled and scary had it not been for Vanessa. I recommend Vanessa to anyone who is still searching for something different or more in their life. Her practice opened the doors to the numerous possibilities that are out there for me and a believe that anyone can find their true path if you open yourself up to her guidance.

Danielle - Sherwood Park

I want to express, as best I can, the absolute appreciation for your care, healing and ability to remove the pain that was a constant part of my daily living for so many years. Laying on the table surrounded by the infusion of many lights and colors transported me to a place of peace and relaxation. I came to realize that pain can be a physical being tucked away within. My pain was working its way through my throat and I could feel it became constricted. You, Vanessa knew what was happening and through your healing hands encouraged it to disperse; it was akin to a weight was removed.

I felt like chocolate under a heat lamp, and that is a good thing.

Not to be ignored is the spiritual wellness that surrounded me and I thank you.

Veronica Rowland

I had a theta healing with Vanessa. It changed my life. I saw changes right away, it`s amazing. That night I was crying a lot, but felt very strong and releasing. And you were right when you said that people will see me differently. They are so soft and kind, it`s really amazing. They talk to me like they know me for 100 years. I feel like for the first time I met me and I am able to connect with my heart in way I could not ever. Feels like my personal flame light up and the light is spreading wider and wider around me. And today I was digging in my bag for something and found our card, I laughed when I saw what it says there: "Illuminating the light within." I didn`t saw that the other day so it was confirmation 😀 Also, energy flows so much easier through my body, I am amazed. Thank you so much. It`s so amusing how `little` thing like changing a belief can change your reality instantly. I think there is much to learn and I am looking forward to it. You are awesome and the work you are doing is great and very much needed 💖


I've been seeing Vanessa for a few years now. I always look forward to my sessions. She always knows what kind of session I need and I always feel fantastic after any session!


When a vehicle needs a tune-up, we take it to the shop. When our body needs a tune-up, we give it reiki! When I go for my monthly reiki treatments, I feel aligned, balanced and refreshed. Thank you!


What a changing life experience! I am so gratetful for all the love/peace within me and around me. In order to help others, you need to help yourself. It's like feeding your body with great energy. Thank you!


Vanessa has performed Reiki on me several times over the past 4 years and each time I leave feeling as though I'm energized and replenished with a renewed sense of enthusiasm-well worth it, and I unreservedly recommend her!


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