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Mindfulness for Children (Families) 10 week class

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Kid's - children's reiki, Edmonton, AB

* I have been an educator for the past 19 years with the Edmonton School System.  I have worked with children ages 5-12 in the arts.  As well as I have worked with children through reiki shares, and workshops including my own children who are both attuned to reiki.  Through my experience in working with children, and my background with reiki, color therapy and meditation, I am very excited to be offering these classes/workshops!
Mindfulness for children

Spiritual Connection for Parent & Child through Reiki and Guided Meditation

Sometimes as parents, life can get busy with work, and reality. Many of you may know the routine of: Making lunches, driving to _____ practice, helping with homework, making supper and don’t forget about laundry! We meet many of our children’s needs, but what about their spiritual needs, connections? 

This is about our connections with our children; time spent where we truly connect.

This is a very special workshop that I have put together. This is one to enhance and to strengthen the spiritual connection between a parent and their child. (This can be for multiple parents and multiple children) I will host these events privately which means that I will put up available dates and times on my calendar of events and I will book them in the order they were received. You will not be in a workshop with other families unless you have others that you request to take it with. I will work with you and your child one on one to help build that bridge of connection.

After doing many workshops, I feel that there is a need to have not just the children to take this workshop but for the parent to have tools to support them on their spiritual journey.

In this 2 part workshop, the parent will build more spiritual connection with their child through Reiki and Guided Meditation.

Part 1:  focusses on learning some background on what Reiki is and how we can use it in our everyday life. We will learn grounding and self-regulating techniques. These can be very helpful in stressful situations. This can be done as a family each day to prepare for the day or to unwind.

Part 2 :You will have time between part 1 and 2 to practice! When you come for part 2, your child will receive an attunement which will give them the ability to channel Reiki Energy. They will then practice giving reiki to themselves, plants, animals, and you. Your child will receive a certificate for completing the Children’s Reiki Basics, and you will receive a Parent Participation Certificate.

(I will not be providing parents with an attunement as this is a child’s workshop with the parent is there as a support to work together with their child to grow spiritually. (Should the parent want to receive their level 1 training and attunements, more information is below).

Energetic Exchange Fee: $175 for 1 parent and 1 child. Please contact me if there will be more family members attending so I can let you know the total family energetic Exchange fee

*Should the adult want to pursue the Reiki Level 1 workshop (done over a whole weekend), they will receive a $50 credit towards their workshop if the class is taken within a year of the child class.

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Children's Reiki Basics Level 1

* This workshop is meant for children who come from an environment where there are adult's who have a spiritual practice.  If not, please refer to the above workshop.

An afternoon where children learn a bit on the history of reiki as well as some foundations. They will learn self-healing as well as how to heal others. The children will enjoy hands on activities such as drawing and coloring to learn about the chakras, auric field as well as energy. We will play       games and do some healing!  I will make the class as fun as possible and keep it light so that the                                                                                        children learn reiki while having fun.


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Saturdays or Sundays from 10-2 or 3-7 (dependant on how many children are registered and times can vary)

Energetic Exchange: $125 (introductory price) for the first child (if multiple children in the same household, please contact me for a multiple rate)


Children's Reiki Level 2

Pre-requisite: Kids Reiki Level 1

A further exploration of Reiki Healing using Symbols.  Please inquire if your child is ready to take this workshop! 


Children's Color Therapy Basics Level 1

An afternoon where children can come to learn and explore some of this history, theory of color such as:  why do we choose to wear certain colors? why do certain colors make us feel a certain way? why does white light produce a rainbow?  They will learn how to do basic Light Ray Balancing in the latter part of the class; an excellent easy to learn healing tool.  

Class is currently available upon request   

$125 (introductory) for the first child (if multiple children in the same household, please contact me for a multiple rate)

Color therapy-  Edmonton, AB

Children's Meditation and Color 

Coming soon...

*All prices are are subject to change