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See video below to know more about the Mindfulness for Children and their Families 10 week workshop!

Family Workshop

Do you want to help your children build their self-confidence and help to improve their mood daily? If you want tools to support your children to help them self-regulate and improve their overall wellbeing, please keep reading.

Through The Conscious Kids program developed by Lise Villeneuve, your children will learn about mindfulness, and self-awareness through creative short stories, and interactive games and of course lots of fun!

Next Workshop Dates and information:

The class will begin on  Monday September 14th- November 23rd (no class Thanksgiving Monday October 12th) from 6pm-7pm as well as a Sunday option Sunday September 13th-November 15th.

 They will be offered each Monday or Sunday in the evening from 6:00-7:00pm. Before the class, I will email you to let you know what material I will be using so your children can do the activities along with me! Examples could be: crayons, paper, and most likely other things you have in your home already! If not, we will adapt! This is encouraged but optional.

This program is designed for families with children aged 5-13. Should the sessions fill up (4-6 families per session max), you will be put on a waiting list for the next available day/time. If need be, I will create an additional session. 

*Exchange is $275 per family for the 10 weeks. (Must be paid prior to start)

*$50 deposit upon completed registration to secure your spot. 

*Workshop must be with at least one parent in attendance with their child/children for the duration of the hour.  

What I will be covering during the 10-Week Program:

Each lesson is taught through a creative short story and fun activity created by author and teacher Lise Villeneuve

  • Week 1: Stopping with the bell and deep belly breathing
  • Week 2: The relationship between thoughts and emotions
  • Week 3: How the body responds to positive or negative thinking
  • Week 4: Dealing with strong emotions
  • Week 5: Decoding the language of emotions
  • Week 6: Three powerful choices we always have in the now
  • Week 7: What is real happiness?
  • Week 8: What can we do when others are unkind?
  • Week 9: Noticing our seeds of unhappiness
  • Week 10: The greatest gifts in the world (compassion, deep listening, kindness, forgiveness and presence)

  • *If a class is missed, classes can be caught up independently through an online link to Conscious Kids.

Payment must made in full prior to the start date. Payment of $275 is Non-Refundable. Can be made on the Web Store tab through paypal or e-transfer. 

I am so excited and grateful to be able to offer this class to your family online! Looking forward to meeting all of youJ

In gratitude,


Next start dates: Sunday January -March 2021 OR Monday January- March 2021

Family Connection

Sometimes, we crave more connectedness with our family members.   We feel like we are not speaking the same language.  Each one wants to be heard, but some family members are just not able to hear the others because of where they are at.  I offer several options for families.  Sometimes, we each have to start at our own starting point and then meet other family members at theirs.  For example, maybe one parent needs to start a series of reiki sessions, or thetahealing sessions, while the child needs just a few of short reiki or color therapy  sessions with some grounding techniques.  After a few of these, then the family members may be ready to have a                                                                                              session together.   It may be meditation, a color session or even a family workshop!  Please email                                                                                      me if this resonates with you and your family, and we can set up an appointment to see what is                                                                                            best!  Come in for a consultation and we'll get started! 

*Suggestion: Come and participate with your child in the Kids Reiki Wellness Workshop or Color Therapy for Kids!  Great support for them, and great introduction for you!  $50 fee per participating adult (multifamily discount when more than 1 adult participates).  Adults will receive the same manual and all teachings that their child receives.  Adults can decide if they would like to learn more and can sign up for an adult workshop at a later date.  


Do you long for more spiritual connection with your partner? Sometimes, even the best relationships could use a spiritual boost. This is a special workshop that I have put together just for couples. I will host these events privately which means that I will put up available dates on my calendar of events and I will book them in the order they were received. You will not be in a workshop with other couples unless you have others that you request to take it with. I will work with you and your partner one on one to help build that bridge of connection. *Please refer to the description of Reiki Level 1 for more specifics.

Enregetic Exchange: $600 per couple.  $100 non-refundable deposit must be put forth to secure the date. 

*Workshops are booked on  dates decided between The Color of Healing and Couples.  Please contact for further details.  

Further levels also offered as Reiki Couples classes.